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Sunday, January 20, 2008

SIMPLE Template Data Collection

The 'how-to' videos are available at www.Physical-Therapy-Videos.com under the link 'Physical Therapy Diagnosis'.

This template is used for data collection.

The physical therapist puts the data into the plan of care and links the measured impairments to the measured functional limitations (using the OPTIMAL).

The data are impairments in ROM and strength that support the Medical Necessity for Physical Therapy.

SIMPLE Template
SIMPLE measurements-------Right Left Expected Normal (n=151)
1)Standing Trunk Sidebending--------------90 degrees
3)Supine FABER------------------------------22cm
4)Supine SLR----------------------------------65 degrees
5)Supine TKE----------------------------------0 degrees
6)Sidelying Hip External Rotation----------23cm
7)Sidelying Hip Internal Rotation-----------29cm
8)Sidelying Hip Extension------------------0 degrees
9)Sidelying Hip Abduction-----------------10 sec.
10)Sidelying Trunk Rotation----------------9cm

(note: this Word document renders poorly into Blogger so the columns for the Right/Left measurements do not show up well. For the PDF document in Word you can go to www.SimpleScore.com

SIMPLE diagnosis

Which measured values are lower than their expected normal values?

Which measured values are asymmetric?

Can you name the impaired motions?

Goal Setting

Improve [side, position, joint and motion] from [measured value] to [expected value].

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Tim has implemented a computerized Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system in his clinic since 2006 that serves as a Reminder, Alerting, Prompting and Predicting CDS using evidence-based tests and measures.

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