"Physical therapy is not a subspecialty of the medical profession and physical therapists are not medical doctors; we are a separate profession that provides a unique service that physicians are unable and untrained to provide."

Letter to the AMA from the APTA, Dec 2009

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disrupting Hospitals

Clayton Christensen predicts hospitals will need to break-up their revenue model as healthcare reform finds ways to improve quality and lower costs.

If you develop a product or service that helps people do something more affordably and conveniently, something they’re not trying to do, it just never works.

Even if they should do it, if they’re not trying to do it, it never works.

A lot of problems with wellness programs: becoming healthy is not a job people try to do until they’re really sick.
Clayton Christensen describes three revenue streams that hospitals try to manage now:
  • Intuitive medicine, like you see on House, MD.
  • Value-added medicine, like an orthopedic surgeon replacing a Grade IV arthritic knee.
  • Networked communities, available by subscription, of people with chronic care needs and unhealthy behaviors that need education, emotional support and behavioral change tools.
..."rather than expecting our complicated, expensive hospitals to become cheap.

What we do is we bring technology to outpatient clinics so we can begin doing there the simplest of the things that today require a hospital.

It's by enabling lower-cost venues of care and lower cost care-givers to do progressively more sophisticated things that's the mechanism by which health care becomes affordable and accessible not by somehow praying that the expensive one's will become cheap

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